CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 Sport HO EX Dual stacked

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CFMOTO Zforce 950 HO and HO EX with our advanced stacked duals exhaust system, tailored to transform your ATV into an off-road leader. Crafted from premium, lightweight aluminum, this exhaust system is designed to enhance performance significantly while producing a deep, resonant sound that captures attention.

The exhaust features mandrel-bent piping to improve flow dynamics and TIG-welded joints that ensure a seamless fit. These high-quality elements contribute to a durable system that resists corrosion and stands up to rigorous off-road conditions. Every component is intentionally designed to elevate your vehicle's off-road capabilities.

This system also includes a lambda bung to facilitate easy integration with your vehicle's lambda probe or oxygen sensor. Its design prioritizes easy serviceability, allowing you to maintain peak performance effortlessly. By installing our stacked duals exhaust system, you'll unlock a new level of power and style, making every adventure more thrilling. Prepare to lead the pack with enhanced performance that leaves competitors in the dust.

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