Can-Am Renegade (incl. XMR) Single centered

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Transform your Renegade, including the XMR 1000 model, with the Single Centered APX exhaust, a beacon of engineering excellence for the ATV connoisseur. This innovative system boasts an all-aluminum modular build, enhanced with CNC machined brackets strategically placed to eliminate the pitfalls of traditional welding. With its CAD-drawn, uniquely shaped extruded aluminum cans, each element, including the anodized parts featuring our new logo, exemplifies unmatched quality and durability.

The craftsmanship extends to every detail, from the 6061 extruded and anodized aluminum components to the yellow zinc-plated and stainless hardware, ensuring a secure assembly. The system is designed to be fully serviceable, allowing easy maintenance by any user, and it shines with casted stainless intake flanges that add a jewel-like quality.

Completing the package is everything needed for a straightforward installation on your ATV, including a Lambda bung for optimal performance adjustment. This exhaust system is not just an upgrade; it's a revolution in ATV performance.

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Read the information regarding fuel tuning below, before proceeding.