Can-Am Outlander 500-700 Single G3

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Why Settle for Average? You're not just any rider, and this isn't just any exhaust. We're talking about a game-changing, single slip-on system that's going to elevate your ride and leave the competition in the dust. This is about unleashing power, enhancing performance, and sporting a badass look that declares, 'I'm here to dominate!'

Sound That Captures the Spotlight The APX aluminum muffler is not just a component; it's a statement. When you fire up your Outlander, it's not just noise – it's a deep, resonant anthem of power. Every rev is a declaration of your presence, a sound that turns heads and asserts your dominance on every trail.

Installation? Effortless We know your time is best spent riding, not tinkering. That's why we've designed our single slip-on system for hassle-free installation. You'll get everything you need – nuts, bolts, washers, gaskets. Simple steps, quick setup, and you're back on the trail before you know it.

Own Every Adventure Whether cruising through serene landscapes or charging through challenging terrains, the Outlander 500-700 Single Slipon is your ultimate companion. It's not just an accessory; it's a transformation. It's your ride, amplified and unbridled.

Get Yours Now Don't just imagine the difference – live it. Feel the surge of power. Hear the commanding roar. Elevate your ride with the Outlander 500-700 Single Slipon. It's time to experience what it means to truly own the outdoors.

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