Can-Am Outlander 500-700 Dual centered

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Why Settle for Average? You're not just any rider, and this isn't just any exhaust. We're talking about a game-changing, dual slip-on system that's going to blow your mind and your competition away. This is about power, performance, and a badass look that screams, 'I'm here to conquer!'

Rugged, Robust, Ready for Anything Crafted with precision, our tig-welded stainless steel bumper isn't just tough; it's a fortress. Powder-coated for durability, it's ready to take on whatever the wild throws at you. Mud, rocks, or rough trails? Bring it on.

Sound That Demands Attention The dual APX aluminum mufflers are not just about performance; they're about making a statement. When you rev up your Outlander, the world listens. The deep, resonant sound is your battle cry, echoing your dominance on every terrain.

Installation? A Breeze We know you'd rather be riding than wrenching. That's why we've made the installation straightforward. You get everything you need – nuts, bolts, washers, gaskets, AND bumper. A few turns here, a quick fix there, and you're ready to roll.

Own the Outdoors Whether it's a leisurely ride through the woods or a heart-pounding race through the mud, the Outlander 500-700 Dual Slipon with Bumper is your partner in crime. It's not just an upgrade; it's a revolution.

Get Yours Now Don't just take our word for it. Experience the difference. Feel the power. Hear the roar. It's time to elevate your ride. It's time for the Outlander 500-700 Dual Slipon with Bumper.

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Read the information regarding fuel tuning below, before proceeding.