Maverick X3 Turbo Header pipe

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Elevate your Can-Am Maverick X3's performance to new heights with RJWC Powersports' meticulously engineered Stainless Steel Race Bypass Pipe. Designed for riders who demand more, this bypass pipe is your ticket to unlocking hidden horsepower and maintaining a cooler, more efficient machine.

Say goodbye to the limitations of stock exhaust systems. Our Race Bypass Pipe is crafted to maintain a free-flowing diameter, ensuring that your turbo's output isn't held back. This is particularly beneficial for those running specialized tuning or high-output turbo configurations.

We've ditched the conventional graphite doughnut connector in favor of a ball/socket design. This not only simplifies the installation but also optimizes airflow, reducing back pressure to a minimum.


  • Feather-light construction for optimal performance
  • Effective heat reduction to keep your machine cool
  • Easy integration with existing heat shields and mounts
  • Versatile compatibility with both stock and RJWC slip-on exhaust systems
  • Additional O2 bung option for precise AFR gauge monitoring

Transform your Can-Am Maverick X3 into the powerhouse it was meant to be with the RJWC Powersports Stainless Steel Race Bypass Pipe.

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