High-flow foam air filter Outlander 500/700

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Elevate your riding experience with the Can-Am Outlander (G3) 500/700 High Flow Air Filter. Tailored to enhance engine performance, this air filter is engineered to provide a significant increase in airflow compared to standard filters. By allowing more air to reach the engine, it helps in unleashing the true potential of your vehicle, resulting in improved throttle response and overall power.

Our High Flow Air Filter maintains essential filtration while focusing on facilitating greater air volume to the engine. This is particularly beneficial for riders seeking enhanced performance without compromising the engine's integrity. The filter is also washable and reusable, offering a sustainable and economical solution for maintaining optimal engine health.

Upgrade to our High Flow Air Filter for your Can-Am Outlander (G3) 500/700 and feel the difference in power and performance on every ride.