Fairlead NG2

Sale price$79.00 USD

Get ready to conquer the toughest terrains with our new Fairlead NG2 - a beefed up version of our renowned winch fairlead. Built with more material for extra strength, the Fairlead NG2 is your reliable companion during the most challenging off-road recoveries. Crafted from precision milled 6061 aluminium with a hard anodized finish, this robust fairlead offers exceptional durability and longevity.

Just like its counterpart, the Fairlead NG2 is designed for fabric winch lines, like UHMWPE, and comes with nuts and bolts for easy installation. With a bolt center-to-center distance of 6 inches, it's the ultimate choice for ATV use, and may also be suitable for specific UTV models (please verify compatibility). Conquer the rough trails with the powerful Fairlead NG2.

Color: Black