CFORCE Clutch kit

Sale price$595.00 USD

Introducing the all-inclusive Clutch Kits for CFMOTO CFORCE 500/520, 800/850, and 1000CC models.

The RJWC Clutch Kit is the epitome of convenience and quality, each kit is a comprehensive pre-tuned and versatile setup. From getting deep in the mud to tearing up the trail, the RJWC Clutch Kit brings the performance you need.

With its ability to deliver a quicker backshift, our Clutch Kit ensures a smooth throttle response. While effectively reducing belt slippage and minimizing heat generation, safeguarding the longevity of your vehicle's clutch system.

It significantly enhances acceleration, particularly at low speeds and midrange, providing a noticeable improvement in overall responsiveness. As well as counteracting the power loss and sluggishness commonly experienced when using larger tires.

The secondary spring has been purposefully designed to effectively compensate for the power reduction caused by the addition of tires that are bigger than stock. Enhancing low-end power and torque to make sure you get the needed traction when deep in the mud or chasing that bounty hole.

These clutch kits are designed to synergize perfectly with our range of exhausts and header pipes, helping you extract every ounce of performance from your CFORCE.

Transform your ride with RJWC Clutch Kit and experience a whole new level of power and control.

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