CFORCE 850/1000 XC Floorboards

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Howdy, trailblazers and mudslingers! Ready to give your CFMOTO CFORCE 850/1000XC a dash of rugged elegance and unmatched practicality? Feast your eyes on our premium aluminum floorboards – the ultimate game-changer for your off-road chariot.

Crafted from the finest aluminum this side of the Rockies, these floorboards are tougher than a two-dollar steak and ready to face any challenge the wild throws at them. And with our gnarly floor pegs, you'll grip the ride like a cowboy holds onto a bull – firm and unyielding.

Worried about installation? As easy as pie! We're throwing in all the fixin's you need to get these beauties attached to your steed faster than you can say "giddy up". Designed to complement the CFORCE 850/1000XC's curves and lines, these floorboards aren't just about utility; they're a statement of style.

Don't let another ride go by without giving your machine the treatment it deserves. Saddle up with our aluminum floorboards, and let's kick some dust! Just remember, partner: if you're riding with tires bigger than 31", you might be venturing into DIY territory. Anything's possible, but a smooth ride's a sure thing with the right fit.

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