ZFORCE 950 Sport clutch kit

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Enhance your off-road experience with the RJWC Clutch Kit, meticulously designed for a range of CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 models including the ZFORCE 950, ZFORCE 950 HO, ZFORCE 950 HO EX, ZFORCE 950 TRAIL, and ZFORCE 950 GEN 2. Each kit offers a comprehensive, pre-tuned, and highly adaptable setup that satisfies the diverse needs of Side By Side off-roading.

Immerse yourself in immediate and seamless backshifting, coupled with swift throttle response. Our Clutch Kit reduces belt slippage and heat production, extending the life of your clutch system while ensuring peak operational efficiency.

The kit excels in amplifying acceleration, especially at low-to-mid-range speeds, counteracting the power loss and sluggishness frequently associated with oversized tire usage. The outcome is a notable improvement in vehicle responsiveness.

The secondary spring in this kit is specifically engineered to counterbalance the power reduction often caused by larger-than-stock tires. It ensures the retention of essential low-end torque and power, making it ideal for any challenging terrains you may encounter.

Pair these clutch kits with our specialized range of exhausts and header pipes for optimal performance synergy. Transform your CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 into an unparalleled off-road machine with the RJWC Clutch Kit.

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