UFORCE 1000 clutch kit

Sale price$595.00 USD

Elevate your riding experience with the RJWC Clutch Kit, meticulously engineered for your CFORCE UFORCE 1000. Each kit offers a complete, pre-tuned, and highly adaptable setup that caters to all your off-roading needs. Whether conquering muddy terrains or shredding trails, our Clutch Kit enhances your vehicle's performance capabilities.

Experience immediate backshift and seamless throttle response, all while minimizing belt slippage and heat generation. This extends the longevity of your clutch system and optimizes operational efficiency.

Designed to amplify acceleration, especially at low-to-mid-range speeds, our Clutch Kit effectively combats power loss and sluggishness associated with oversized tire usage. The result is a marked improvement in vehicle responsiveness.

The secondary spring in the kit is strategically engineered to offset any power reduction caused by larger-than-stock tires. This ensures you maintain the low-end power and torque essential for traction in challenging terrains, such as muddy conditions or when you're in pursuit of that elusive bounty hole.

When paired with our range of exhausts and header pipes, these clutch kits harmonize to extract the maximum performance capabilities of your CFORCE UFORCE 1000.

Take control of unparalleled power and performance with the RJWC Clutch Kit, and transform your CFORCE UFORCE 1000 into an off-road powerhouse.