CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 Sport Dual stacked (NOT HO)

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Revamp your CFMOTO Zforce 950/1000 Sport with our unparalleled stacked duals exhaust system, a pinnacle of off-road performance engineering. This system, meticulously crafted from lightweight yet robust aluminum, is tailored to amplify your vehicle's power and imbue it with a resonant, aggressive tone that captures the essence of off-road dominance.

Designed with precision, the mandrel-bent aluminum piping enhances airflow to its optimum, while the TIG-welded joints ensure a flawless, secure fit. Its aluminum construction not only promises enduring performance but also exceptional resistance to corrosion, making it an ideal companion for adventurous off-road escapades.

Each component of this exhaust system has been deliberately designed and constructed to push the boundaries of off-road performance. It comes equipped with a lambda bung, simplifying the integration of your lambda probe/oxygen sensor, and its fully serviceable nature allows for easy maintenance by any user or professional workshop.

Please be advised, this high-performance exhaust system is exclusively engineered for the CFMOTO Zforce 950/1000 Sport model and is not suitable for the HO/HO-EX variants.

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Read the information regarding fuel tuning below, before proceeding.

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