Spark arrester for APX

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A spark arrester, also known as a spark arrestor, is a device designed to prevent the emission of flammable debris from combustion sources, such as internal combustion engines. Spark arresters are critical in preventing wildland fires and the ignition of explosive atmospheres, which is why their use is required by law in many jurisdictions around the world.

The RJWC Powersports spark arrester is made of durable stainless steel mesh and a stainless steel brim. It is compatible with RJWC APX slip-ons and exhausts, making it an easy and effective addition to your vehicle.

In the United States, laws governing the use of spark arresters depend on the jurisdiction. If you operate an internal combustion engine on USDA Forest Service or most other federally managed lands, you must meet the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations 36 CFR 261.52. This mandate requires that you have a certified and properly maintained spark arrester installed at all times. Many state and local land management agencies follow the federal requirement.

Make sure your vehicle is compliant with spark arrester regulations by adding the RJWC Powersports spark arrester to your exhaust system. Not only will it help prevent wildland fires and explosive atmospheres, but it will also help you avoid legal penalties for noncompliance.


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