Polaris RZR N/A Quiet

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Discover the pinnacle of side-by-side vehicle exhaust systems with the groundbreaking APX Dual Q RZR N/A exhaust, engineered for unmatched performance and reliability. This cutting-edge exhaust system stands apart with its modular construction and custom-made components, ensuring full serviceability by users, owners, riders, or workshops. Every aspect of this system, from the 6061 extruded and anodized aluminum cans to the anodized brackets and flanges, reflects our commitment to quality and durability. The inclusion of yellow zinc-plated stainless screws and nuts with lock washers, alongside new inner cores compatible with current core wraps, guarantees a product built to last.

What truly distinguishes the APX Dual Q RZR N/A exhaust is its meticulous construction. Featuring EPDM bushings for vibration reduction, precision-machined 6061 attachment details, a laser-cut and powder-coated backplate tailored for the Polaris RZR XP Turbo and Pro XP, and cast stainless intake flanges—a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Designed to be significantly lighter—about half the weight of previous Krossflow/Mud Edition versions—our exhaust system enhances performance and handling without compromising on strength or reliability. The APX Dual Q RZR N/A exhaust is the culmination of our unwavering focus on creating the best exhaust system for side-by-side vehicles. Offering an unbeatable combination of performance, reliability, and quality, this exhaust is the premier choice for off-road enthusiasts demanding the best for their naturally aspirated engines. Embrace the ultimate upgrade and see why our exhaust system leads the market.

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