Tuner with cable

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Choose your vehicle: Can-Am Outlander/Renegade

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If you want to optimize your engine's performance and prevent damage, then our fuel tuner is a must-have. Our EFI-tuner is recommended for use with any of our exhaust systems to ensure the correct air-to-fuel mixture. Running a machine with a lean mixture can cause severe engine damage, and that's why we always recommend using our fuel tuner to ensure proper engine operation.

A proper air-to-fuel mixture is essential for the best performance and efficiency of your machine, and our fuel tuner ensures just that.

In cases where your machine has been modified with additional components, tuning and reflashing may be necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Don't take any chances with your engine's health - invest in our fuel tuner today and experience the ultimate performance and longevity.

Note: The Tuner is tested to IP67 standards. It is water resistant, you must avoid using a Pressure/ Jet Washer directly on or near the unit as this will cause water damage. We recommend disconnecting the EFI Tuner from your bike when cleaning. 

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