Skeleton Shifter Polymer

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Exclusive color available! @canam.girl pink!

Experience the ultimate in performance and durability with our GFRP shifter handle for ATVs. Made from glass-fiber reinforced polymer, specifically PA6 with 30% glass fiber reinforcement, this handle boasts exceptional strength and stiffness while remaining lightweight and easy to use. The PA6 material is a high-performance engineering plastic that is widely recognized for its superior mechanical properties, excellent resistance to impact, and exceptional dimensional stability.

Our GFRP shifter handle is designed to seamlessly integrate with your ATV's existing shifting mechanism, delivering smooth and precise shifting every time. With exceptional resistance to wear, extreme temperatures, and harsh conditions, our GFRP shifter handle is the ultimate choice for ATV enthusiasts who demand the highest level of performance and durability. Upgrade your ATV's shifting experience today with our GFRP shifter handle.

Color: Pink Glow