RJWC Wear Sunglasses Contra Sun

Sale price$49.00 USD

Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary with our sunglasses, where high-quality meets high voltage! These aren't just sunglasses; they're a statement piece, featuring yellow frosted semi-transparent frames that demand attention and dare the sun to do its worst.

Crafted for the bold, the brave, and the unabashed, these shades bring a stylish edge to both your casual and formal wear, blurring the lines between functionality and fashion. With full-frame coverage that snugly wraps around your head, they offer not just an awesome fit but a fortress against the sun's onslaught, blocking 100% of harmful UV rays.


  • Polarized Lenses: See the world in HD and keep glare at bay.
  • Soft Touch Frames: Embrace the comfort without sacrificing style.
  • UV400 Protection: A shield against the invisible threats.
  • Antiscratch & Anti-glare: Because life's too short for scratched views and squinting.
  • Flexible TR90 Frame: Bend, but don't break, through all your adventures.
  • Durability: Built to last, whether you're scaling mountains or conquering the urban jungle.

Imagine slipping these on, the world tinting into a brighter, clearer place where every detail pops. Whether you're hitting the trails, shredding the slopes, or just enjoying a sunny day out, these sunglasses are your trusty sidekick. Comfortable, durable, and undeniably stylish, they're not just built for outdoor activities; they're designed for life's great adventures. Dive in and see where these sunglasses can take you.