Can-Am Outlander G2 and Renegade Ti Headers

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Blast through the ordinary and soar into the realm of legends with our game-changing titanium headers for the Can-Am G2 570/650/850/1000. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a revolution in performance engineering, designed to catapult your ride into a new echelon of power and resilience.
Forged from the heart of stars, our premium-grade titanium doesn't just set the standard for lightweight strength—it obliterates it. These headers are so light, you'll swear they're defying gravity, yet tough enough to laugh in the face of the apocalypse. With mandrel-bent tubing as precise as a laser beam and TIG welding that's basically indestructible, we're talking about a beast of an upgrade that'll last lifetimes.
We've dialed up the genius to max, engineering these titanium headers to turbocharge your exhaust flow, kicking your power and torque into overdrive. Ready to dominate every speck of dirt, mud, and rock on this planet? With these headers, you're not just conquering terrain; you're redefining what's possible.
Embrace the future of riding with our high-flow titanium headers. This is your golden ticket to shattering the limits, ramping up your adventures, and experiencing the Can-Am G2 series in ways you never thought possible. Upgrade to titanium, because 'extraordinary' is for those who dare to leave ordinary in the dust.


Read the information regarding fuel tuning below, before proceeding.