Can-Am Outlander G2 Dual split

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The Can-Am Outlander G2 Split Dual APX exhaust system represents the pinnacle of off-road performance, crafted for those who accept nothing but the best. Constructed from all-aluminum with CNC machined brackets at every critical point, it eliminates the need for weak weld points, ensuring unmatched durability. This system is a product of meticulous design, featuring custom-built, CAD-drawn extruded aluminum cans with a distinctive shape unique to APX. Enhanced with anodized aluminum parts, emblazoned with our sleek new logo, and assembled with high-quality stainless screws and nuts with lock washers, every detail is fine-tuned for excellence. Additionally, the cast stainless intake flanges stand out as a testament to our commitment to beauty and functionality. With new inner cores that align with current core wrap standards and are user-serviceable, this system not only promises superior performance but also unmatched exclusivity in the off-road market. The Can-Am Outlander G2 Split Dual APX is a reflection of our dedication to innovation, designed to offer an unparalleled exhaust experience.
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