Neutrino 2 Halo

Sale price$99.00 USD

Dive headfirst into a world where your Can-Am doesn't just turn heads—it snaps necks. Our Neutrino LED Halos, exclusively crafted for the RJWC Neutrino Headlights, throw ordinary out the window and drive straight into epic. With a color palette that screams "look at me" in green, red, blue, yellow, pink, and orange, your ride becomes a beacon of badassery.

Who said installation has to be a chore? Not us. Pop these babies in without any tools and instantly morph your ride from factory to fantastical. Built to last longer than a zombie apocalypse, these Halos don't just endure; they dominate, ensuring your Can-Am lights the way through every adventure, or misadventure.

Heads up: these aren’t your garden-variety accessories. The Neutrino 2 Halo is the heart and soul of your Neutrino Lights, replacing the stock white halo with something that not only shines but dazzles. Ready to make your Can-Am the star of the show? It’s time for a lighting upgrade that's as unhinged as you are.

Color: Yellow