Make Mud Edition Great Again

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Repacking kit Mud Edition and Krossflow (Innercore Length): Single 10.6"

Product information:

Revitalize Your Mud Edition Slip-On with Our Comprehensive Refurbishment Kit

Transform your Mud Edition slip-on into like-new condition with our all-inclusive refurbishment kit. Perfect for restoring the performance and appearance of your exhaust system. Note: For dual setups, please order two kits.

Kit Contents:

  • Casted Aluminum Logo Plate and Rivets: Ensure a sleek, professional look.
  • CNC Machined End Tip and Screws: High-precision components for a perfect fit.
  • CNC Machined End Cap and Screws: Enhance durability and style.
  • Full Repacking Kit: Available in various lengths to match your system’s specifications.
  • Spark Arrestor and Shim: Essential for optimal performance and safety.

For an added touch, use a red Scotch-Brite pad on your exhaust’s exterior to restore its stainless steel finish to a like-new shine. This simple step ensures your system not only performs well but also looks impeccable.