Exhaust spring

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Dive into the realm of uncompromised performance and precision with our Genuine RJWC Powersports spare part. Not just any component, this is the heartbeat of your machine's prowess, now available in both 60mm and 75mm sizes to perfectly match your power beast's requirements. This isn't just a spare part; it's your ticket to maintaining the beast within at peak performance.

Elevated to new heights, this updated version comes sheathed in a sleek black silicone cover, marrying durability with a dash of dark elegance. It's not just about function; it's about adding an edge to your machine's aesthetic, all while ensuring it runs smoother, faster, and fiercer than ever before.

Note to the Wise: Precision matters in the world of power sports. Ensure you select the correct length for your needs because, in the race for supremacy, every millimeter counts. This genuine piece of RJWC Powersports engineering is more than a part; it's a pledge to keep you at the forefront of the pack. Grab this solo warrior (1pcs) and keep your ride roaring to the rhythm of unmatched performance.


Read the information regarding fuel tuning below, before proceeding.

Size: 75mm
SKU: NO.064