Polaris RZR XP/Pro XP Downpipe

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Hold onto your helmets, because we're about to take your RZR XP/Pro XP from zero to hero with the most insane downpipe the off-road world has ever seen. This isn't just any race pipe; it's a full-throttle, no-holds-barred, 304 stainless steel scream of freedom for your RZR Turbo. We're talking precision TIG welded madness, with mandrel-bent tubing that makes every curve its playground.
But wait, there's more! Each exhaust system is tested and proven – not in some cushy lab, but in the wild, where the rubber meets the dirt and the faint-hearted are left in the dust. And because we believe in overkill, we've packed these pipes with thick, robust material that laughs in the face of danger.
So, if you're ready to unleash the full potential of your RZR and turn the great outdoors into your personal racetrack, strap in and fire up our downpipe. It's not just an upgrade; it's a revolution on wheels. Let the world hear your turbo's battle cry!


Read the information regarding fuel tuning below, before proceeding.