Become a distributor

As part of our ongoing international expansion, we are welcoming partnerships with leading distributors.

We are looking for potential partners who already have an established network within the Powersport industry. Logistics and a structured reseller network in place are key for your success. We offer different models on how to work, you can ship from your own warehouse and we can ship directly to your dealer network.

The potential for international dealers to expand their offer with high quality, highly reputable products are fantastic and with RJWC in your offer you will secure your position in an increasingly competitive market.


During the years we’ve learnt that all business is local. You know your own market better than we will ever do and with that, you will most likely be a better fit for growth than we will ever be.

WE listen to the local markets and adapt our products

We listen to our dealers and distributors to adapt our offer and we communicate directly with the market. We strongly encourage keeping stock of top sellers but with quick and fast shipping routines, we can easily cater all your needs without the need of all your space.


We offer business leading deliveries, constant stock, product updates, campaigns etc. We remain present and keep working closely with you to further increase sales, margins and results.

When partnering with us, you will be joining a culture of growth. The keys to our success are a customer insight-driven innovation process, a partner model based on understanding that all business is local, and continuous investment in the brand.


Get in contact with our COO and Director of Int's Sales and Export markets, David Rutström to discuss the opportunity further.

David Rutström

COO / Sales and Export markets