About R.J.W.C Powersports AB

Our story

RJWC Powersports' journey began in 2008 in a small garage in Boden, Sweden. This northern town, situated just 100km south of the Polar Circle, is where Robin Jansson established the company known then as RJ Weld & Custom. Our roots in this harsh and varied climate shaped our product development, inspiring us to create parts that can endure both severe winter weather and scorching summers.

Robin Jansson, a one-man force at the outset, quickly grew his vision into a team by 2013, when the company took the critical step of incorporation. The new entity, RJ Weld & Custom AB, was still small but held within it a potent combination of ambition and dedication to quality.

Our growth gained momentum in 2018 with the introduction of our Neutrino headlights. This innovation marked the commencement of a period of exponential growth for RJWC. Over the next few years, we expanded threefold, leading us to outgrow our original facility in 2019, which prompted us to extend our operations to better cater to our growing customer base.

In 2020, we turned a new page in our journey, formally changing our name from RJ Weld & Custom AB to RJWC Powersports AB, marking our evolution from a custom welding shop to a leader in powersports accessories.

Our evolution continued in 2023, when we bid farewell to our Mud Edition and Krossflow exhausts to make room for the next generation APX exhaust. That year also marked the introduction of our range of chassis components, adding another dimension to our product offerings.

Throughout our journey, our commitment to delivering top-tier, high-quality products has remained unwavering. Our stainless steel exhausts, our flagship offering since the early days, continue to be a testament to this commitment. In addition to exhausts, we've expanded our portfolio to include billet aluminum parts and our unique R.J.W.C Neutrino lights.

From a small garage in Sweden to a globally recognized brand, our journey has been extraordinary. However, our vision remains steadfast: to craft high-quality, innovative products for ATV, SSV, and UTV enthusiasts worldwide. And as we move forward, we are excited to continue writing our story.


We believe that numbers can tell a powerful story. Our story is one of global reach, diversity of products, and dedicated service. Here's our story by the numbers:

Global Reach: We're proud to partner with over 150 dealers worldwide, bringing our high-quality ATV, SSV, and UTV exhausts and accessories to enthusiasts all over the globe. Thanks to their support, our products are available in more than 20 different countries, connecting riders with the gear they need, no matter where their adventures take them.

Product Variety: Choice is crucial when it comes to finding the perfect exhaust and accessories for your vehicle. That's why we offer more than 150 different products, each designed with quality, durability, and performance in mind. We're committed to giving you a wealth of options so that you can find the perfect fit for your vehicle and your riding style.

Consistent Service: We understand that when you order a product, you want it as soon as possible. That's why we ship out five days a week, ensuring your orders are on their way to you in no time. It's just one of the ways we strive to provide the best customer service experience.

These numbers are more than just statistics; they represent our unwavering commitment to serve our customers and meet their needs. We're grateful to every one of our dealers, customers, and staff who have helped us reach these milestones. Together, we look forward to continuing to serve the ATV, SSV, and UTV communities for years to come.

Core values

At RJWC Powersports, our values serve as the compass guiding everything we do. They are reflected in every product we make and every interaction we have with our customers and partners.

Commitment to Excellence: We are committed to constantly improving our products. We strive to make each product better than the last, embodying a cycle of continuous innovation and refinement.

Superior Quality: Quality is not just a buzzword for us - it's the cornerstone of our brand. We use superior materials and advanced production methods to ensure that each product we craft stands up to the test of time and outperforms expectations.

Strength and Durability: Our products are designed to endure. We use thicker materials than our competitors, fortifying our products to withstand both the rigors of extreme weather conditions and the tests of time.

Striving for the Best: While we may not be the largest player in the market, we aspire to be the best. In every aspect of our work - from product design to customer service - our goal is to exceed not just the industry standards, but also our own high expectations. We believe that being the best is not about size, but about dedication, passion, and a commitment to our customers and our craft.

These core values underpin everything we do at RJWC Powersports. They shape our culture, drive our work, and influence every product that carries the RJWC name. With these values as our guide, we strive to continue serving the ATV, SSV, and UTV community with the high-quality products and exceptional service they deserve.

Future vision

At RJWC Powersports, we have a vision of a future where our growth journey continues sustainably and independently. We believe in steering our own ship, making decisions that are in the best interests of our customers and our company without outside influences. Our independence and conviction in our strategies have been validated year after year, propelling us to where we are today.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, continuously developing even more advanced aftermarket parts using sophisticated manufacturing processes. Our mission is to stay at the forefront of the ATV, SSV, and UTV market, constantly improving our products and challenging the status quo.

In line with this vision, we have some exciting collaborations on the horizon. While we can't share the details just yet, rest assured that these partnerships are aimed at bringing more value and more choices to our customers.

As we look forward to the future, we are energized by the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We're excited to continue our journey, providing our customers with the high-quality, innovative products they've come to expect from RJWC Powersports. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being a part of our journey.

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