High-flow foam air filter Outlander G2, Renegade

Sale price$79.00 USD

Unleash the full potential of your Can-Am Outlander/Renegade G2 with our High Flow Air Filter. This advanced air filter is specifically designed to increase airflow to the engine, enhancing the overall performance of your vehicle. Unlike standard OEM filters, our High Flow Air Filter focuses on maximizing the volume of air delivered to the engine, ensuring that your ride benefits from increased power and efficiency.

While it maintains standard filtration levels, the key advantage of our High Flow Air Filter lies in its ability to allow more air into the engine, which is crucial for high-performance riding. Additionally, this air filter is washable and reusable, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. Its easy-to-clean design means you can maintain peak performance with minimal effort.

Opt for our High Flow Air Filter for your Can-Am Outlander/Renegade G2 and experience a noticeable improvement in power and engine responsiveness.